Technology: Sanding and Finishing Dinesen Floor

Materials: Dinesen Floor

Total area: 160 sqm

Category: Commercial

Client: 12 Steward Street

Location: London

Date: March, 2017

Description: Sanding and finishing Dinesen Floor

Scope of Works – Sand/Lye/Oil:
Sand the entire reception floor area (approximately 160 square metres),
apply lye, followed by application of 3 x coats of oil (50:50 rustic/white).
Friday, 25th March: Sand
Saturday, 26th March: Sand and Lye
Sunday, 27th March: 2 coats of oil
Monday, 28th March: Final coat of oil
Furniture and rug will need to be removed on arrival and stored in the
store room behind the reception area with the reception desk to remain in
place (please note that others will be moving the furniture back on the Tuesday morning).