Technology: Sanding and Finishing Solid Merbau Parquet  Floor

Materials: Solid Merbau Parquet Floor

Total area: 269 sqm

Category: Commercial

Client: Woodhouse College

Location:  London

Date: Dec, 2016

Description: Sanding and finishing Solid Merbau Parquet Floor.
Fully sanded and Finished with one coat of Junckers Base prime, and 3 coat of HP Commercial Lacquer.


Floor Type: Main Hall Floor – Merbau Herringbone Blocks

Floor Size: 269 m2

Total coats of seal: 1 coat of Junckers Base Prime followed by 3 coats of Junckers 2 pack HP Commercial Seal.

Work Specification: Recommended thorough progressive sanding and resealing of floor using 1 x coat of Junckers Base Prime and 3 x coats of Junckers Pack High Performance silk lacquer.

Floor generally has bare patches, old Bourne Seal and polish deposits with some areas of hollow/uneven blocks.